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  • What is Krapa oil?
    Krappa oil is a medicinal oil that is suitable for hair, skin and the purification of blood.
  • Why is Krappa oil bitter?
    The bitter taste is caused by various meliacins that occur in the oil Meliacins are chemicals that belong to the triterpenoids, gedunine, andirobin, carapine and epoxyazadiradione. They are largely responsible for the medicinal effect of the krapa oil.
  • What kind of reaction does the bitter krappa oil have on our body? (internal)
    Bitter is one of the five basic flavors (in addition to sweet, salty, sour and umami) that can be perceived by the tongue. We are not used to eating bitter from an early age and therefore do not like it so much. But if you want a healthy body, then you should eat bitter more often. An old saying says it all: bitter in the mouth, makes the heart healthy. And fortunately not only for the heart, but for the entire body.
  • How do you use krappa oil internally?
    Once a month, 1 teaspoon every day for 1 week. Can you also use the Krappa oil mix internally? No, only the pure Krappa oil can be used internally.
  • How do you use krappa oil externally?
    Krappa oil is used like any other skin oil, after showering and drying the skin. In addition, krappa oil insects is reppelent. Insects cannot stand the bitter taste of the oil. Since your skin is the largest organ, it absorbs the oil immediately when you rub it on. All insects stay away from you.
  • How do you use krappa oil for the hair?
    For dry scalp, apply 2 times daily. Furthermore, the oil can be used as hair oil or processed in a hair fat. Where do krappa trees grow? Mostly in the Amazon area.
  • Where is krappabygigi made?
    Processed on Santingron-Suriname, bottled in Paramaribo.
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