Frequently asked questions

What is Krappa-oil?

Krappa-oil is a medicinal oil suitable for hair and skin and also for purifying the blood.

Why is Krappa oil bitter?

The bitter taste is caused by the several meliacins in the oil. Meliacins are chemicals that belong to the triterpenoïds,gedunine, andirobine, carapine and epoxyazadiradions, which are for a greater part responsible for de medicinal value of the Krappa oil.

How does our body react to the bitter Krappa oil? (internally)?

Bitter is one of the five basic tastes (next to: sweet; sour; salt and savoury) which are discerned by the tongue. From birth we are not accustomed to the taste of bitter and therefor we do not like it. But if you want a heathy body, you should use some bitter foods more often There is an old Dutch saying that says: “Bitter in the mouth makes the heart healthy.” And that not only goes for the hearth, but also for the whole body.

How to use Krappa oil internally?

Use once a month, a whole week, one teaspoon daily.

Can you us the mixed Krappa oil internally?

NO, only the pure Krappa oil must be used internally?

How to use Krappa oil externally?

Krappa oil is being used as all other skin oils, after taking a shower and drying of the skin. Since your skin is the biggest organ, it absorbs the oil at once. Krappa oil is also a repellent for insects, for the cannot stand the bitter taste of it. Rub the skin every two hours with the oil and all insects will stay away.

How to use Krappa oil for the hair?

Massage the oil twice a day into the scalp, when the scalp is dry or when the hair is brittle and thin. You can also mix the oil with your favorite hair oils or leave-in conditioners.

Where do the Krappa trees grow?

Mostly in the Amazone area.

Where is Krappabygigi produced?

Made in Santigron-Suriname, bottled in Paramaribo.